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My New Hobbying Space

So, with the new kid here, we had to convert the home office into a nursery, which left me without much of a place to work on minis apart from the kitchen table or a folding table in the living room. Fortunately, we had a garage with a workbench in it that had mostly been used for storage. We’ve cleaned up the space (and are still working on it; it’s a work in progress), and have officially made it into a “man-cave” of sorts.


I’ve got a magnifying lamp, a pegboard for all my tools, a couple of barstools (it’s large enough for two people to easily work at it) and more than enough space to be working on a whole army at once. I’ve also got shelves underneath for all my various gaming books, so my BRB and codexes are never far away.


And yes, that is a lightsaber on the pegboard.


It’s going to be great for this year, because I’ve got a cabinet full of models (also in the garage) for my Black Templar army this year…


I think all I need is a paint organizer or two, and to straighten up the workbench a bit, and I’ll be set.

Testing out our new camera

Lately, I’ve been doing all my photography with my iPhone’s camera. It does a fair job, but it’s not a huge improvement over the old HP camera we have, a relic of the days when a 2-megapixel camera was luxurious. Thanks to a fortuitous deal on Woot, though, we were able to upgrade to a nice 10-megapixel Polaroid. The above picture is a sample of what it can put out. I’m very happy – and a bit embarassed. A good camera can highlight all the flaws in a miniature: the unfiled moldlines, the imprecise edging, and so on. If anything, though, it’s incentive to up my game and do better on the next minis.

One thing I’m still working out is my lighting situation. I’ve got a desk lamp and a shop light that I use, and it does an alright job. I’m still playing around with the right white balance settings, and I have photo editing software to play with the color levels. I’d really like to set up a lightbox, whether purchased or put together on the cheap, because I think even, diffuse light would really help. In the meantime, though, I think I’ll be taking some new army pictures over the next week or so.

My Workspace


This week, I finally got back on the painting horse and made a fair amount of progress on my first Hammerhead. I figured that this would be a great opportunity to show where I do my mini work. There’s about a 16″ square of space on my desk that I devote to my miniatures projects. That’s where I keep my brushes, a couple of plastic cups for water, and whatever paints I’m using at the time. I also keep my bottle of super glue at my desk; I tend to squeeze in assembly and repair time whenever I can, so it’s always ready to go. Here’s a closer view of the work area itself.


Besides everything I keep at my desk, I also have a set of rolling shelves just to the side, topped with a tacklebox full of paints. Each shelf has a certain purpose, which just helps keep me organized and functional. The top shelf holds minis that are assembled, but not yet based or primed. Next, a shelf of bases and basing material, including grit, flock, stone, and even a resin base for my Chaos Dreadnought (whenever I put it together). Next down is the tool shelf – my clippers, files, hobby knives, spare palettes, etc. Finally, there’s the shelf just for unassembled minis, mostly occupied by old pewter Chaos minis in pieces (including the aforementioned Dreadnought). Below that, three more shelves of miscellaney, including everything from spare paint bottles (mostly old Apple Barrel craft paints) to spare bits (such as a cup full of CSM backpacks).


Finally, a picture of my current project. Work on the Hammerhead has been progressing very well. I have all the flats and inking done, so this next week will see doing minor cleanup, edge highlighting, and detail work. I’m using the same colors as my Devilfish, but there’s more Knarloc Green panels amongst the Goblin Green ones; I wanted my tanks to have a different look from my transports.


One thing this week has taught me (or at least, reminded me) is that when it comes to getting something done, there’s no substitute for getting intentional and doing it. Sometimes, just blocking out an hour or so of time is enough to get the ball rolling. I’d planned on only working around one hour on one night last week; instead, I ended up working two nights and one morning to get to where I am. It’s nice to be making progress again.