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Necrons Incoming

The new White Dwarf came out this week, and (to no one’s surprise) the new Necrons are revealed. Now, I’m not a Necron player by any means, although I have briefly flirted with the idea. One of my very first blog posts here was about an alternate┬ánon-metallic painting scheme for Necrons. That said, I’m very happy that the people have been sticking with Necrons through thick and thin – and it’s been very thin for them in the current edition – are finally getting something that looks like a damn good codex.

Granted, there’s going to be a lot of new buying going on, since most, if not all, of the units that already existed in the Necron codex are getting cheaper, but that’s the nature of the game. It does make me wonder what new toys and what point changes GW is going to throw at the Tau when our codex gets an update (currently rumored to be Q1 or Q2 of next year) that will make me do a massive upgrade. However, if any army needed the update and new units, it’s the Necrons – they made our codex look flush with options in comparison. The new options seem to flesh them out nicely without completely changing the nature of the army.

Also, kudos to GW for keeping the designs consistent with the old Necron kits (which are mostly being repackaged and returned to circulation) – the new kits look like they fit right along side the old ones. There’s a definite “Tomb Kings in space” vibe with the line now; whether that’s good or bad is up to personal opinion. One thing I am pleased about is the array of color palettes being pushed for the new Necrons. Thanks to their revised fluff, which has each set of tomb worlds representing a different Necron dynasty/faction, there’s a wide range of color schemes being pushed. Sure, the old silver/black/green color scheme is still there, but just in the White Dwarf articles I’m seeing reds, blues, whites, teal (pictured above), copper, bronze, gold, and even chipped ceramic schemes.

I’m looking forward to seeing what the new codex brings to the table when it hits next week; I’ll definitely be picking up a copy for my collection. If it’s as solid a codex as the Dark Eldar book, then I have hope for my own Tau if/when our new book comes early next year.




Found: Non-metallic Necron Painting Guide

I don’t play Necrons, although I have kicked around the idea of picking them up as a second army once all my Tau are assembled and (at least 50%) painted. If I did, though, I wouldn’t paint them with the standard black/metal/green color scheme. I think I’d do something more ceramic-looking. Fortunately, I found this Necron painting guide that shows a simple way to do just that. Let’s face it; this just looks cool:

Non-metallic Necron from the painting guide
Non-metallic Necron from the painting guide

I don’t know about the red, though. I think I’d keep the green plastic bits. Still, it’s a great guide, and the technique is so simple. Check it out!