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Kroot Carnivores – First Unit Complete!

My first full unit of Kroot and Hounds is finally fully painted and based! I think they turned out well, looking just about how I imagined they would. The whole process took longer than I’d hoped, but that’s mostly because I only had a few days where I was able to put in decent painting time. Fortunately, my FLGS has started hosting painting nights on Monday nights, so I’ve been able to go there and put in a couple of hours on them. Each individual Kroot doesn’t take all that long, but when you have to do it 13 times, it all adds up.

I’ve already started on the second unit, so I’m ready to do it all over again. I’m sure the second batch of Kroot will end up looking even better than this group, thanks to all the chances to practice techniques.

Technically, this squad isn’t done done. I still need to finish the basing with a bit of flock or static grass, and then I need to spray the whole unit in dullcote. Hopefully, the weather will warm up and become spring-like again, so I can spray outside once more. I need to get a second Devilfish basecoated with my sprayer, too, so the first good day that comes along, I’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

First of all, welcome to any visitors from the International House of Paincakes! I’m glad to be onboard and on the blogrolls there! Hopefully, I won’t embarrass myself too badly.

Last night, our friendly local game store was going to have a painting night, but the owner fell ill, so it ended up getting postponed a week. Fortunately, my friend Dennis (he of the dark eldar and daemons) hosted a few of us at his place instead. In about three hours, I managed to get another three Kroot all the way from having just a basecoat of Gretchin Green to fully basecoated, washed, and partially highlighted. They’re in the picture above, on the right. The Kroot that are already finished are the three on the left. I also managed to get another three basecoated in green for good measure, so I’m keeping the progress rolling. I’m surprised at how quickly I’ve been able to turn these out; between GW’s foundation paints and washes, I’ve truly hit easy-mode painting.

I think I’m really close to getting the kinks out of my photography setup. I’ve got the light placement (relative to the models) and white balance correct now; now I just need to get all the settings and image cleanup just right. I may also swap the background from the blue fabric in my photobox to the gray on the other side, to get a more neutral backdrop. The blue is nice, but I think it dominates the picture a bit.

Next, I’m trying my hand at some mold-making with green stuff. I’ve decided that I’d like to put a succubus or daemonette on one of the pauldrons on my Chaos terminators, but I have no sculpting skills at present. Instead, I took a CoolMiniOrNot special edition mini (picture NSFW) that I lucked upon at another local store and have made a relief mold of the head and upper torso. The mold’s curing now, so tomorrow or Thursday I’ll take a stab at making a copy that I can glue onto a shoulder pad. I have no idea if I’ll pull it off, but I won’t know unless I try.

Finally, this weekend I’ll be joining the Undergopher crew again for another podcast session. This time, the topic is Warhammer 40K, so it’ll be interesting to see how that conversation turns out. Dennis will be joining us, as well as our friend Richard, who plays Orks, ‘Nids, and now Grey Knights (I guess he got tired of large armies). I don’t want to give too much away too soon, but we may be making a special announcement during that episode about a project of our own we’re kicking off. That should be up for download/listening this coming Monday, so I invite you to check them out.

Kroot: And the Final Product Is…

My first batch of three Kroot is done, and I’m very pleased with how they turned out. They still need to be based, but that’ll take no time at all. They’re not masterpieces, but they’re definitely tabletop quality, which is all I’m really going for. So, what did I do with them after the Devlan Mud wash?

  1. Went over the skin with Gretchin Green in the raised areas, leaving the wash in the recesses.
  2. Went over the highlights with a blend of Scorpion Green and Gretchin Green to brighten them up and give them a greener tone.
  3. Went over raised areas in the leather with more Khemri Brown.
  4. Used Boltgun Metal to highlight metal.
  5. Used Bleached Bone to highlight bone, spurs, and claws.
  6. Picked out the eyes in Sunburst Yellow.
  7. Attempted to wet-blend the quills from Bestial Brown to Bleached Bone (this was semi-successful, but I’ll try it again with the next batch for sure).

On the Kroot with quill-beads, I painted them in yellow, red, and bone, and then washed them with Gyphonne Sepia to give them a warmer tone than I’d get with Devlan Mud. In fact, I might try washing the leather on one or two of the next batch with the sepia just to give it a warmer color and see how it works out. The next batch will also present a new challenge – two of them have their mouths open and tongues showing. They should turn out okay; I already have the first layer of Gretchin Green on them, so it should be pretty simple to follow the same process.

Before I get to them, I have something else to finish up:

Two new HQ crisis suits, one Fireknife and one Deathrain. These guys have come together quickly; the Fireknife was already built (and recently had his head rebuilt), but the Deathrain didn’t even exist until Friday. I got it built that night, and got both of them primed and basecoated in foundation paints (Knarloc Green and Mechrite Red) Saturday night. Today, I worked on getting Goblin Green and Red Gore on them, and the flat colors are done. Painting the edge highlights, details, and bases is all that’s left before they’re complete, and I’m hoping to have them done before Saturday’s tournament. In fact, I hope to have a mostly painted army on the table – the Kroot and Hounds won’t all be painted (but they are primed), but everything else will be done!

Kroot: What a Difference a Wash Makes

Another 45 minutes or so of work tonight on my three Kroot, and I got them washed with Badab Black and Devlan Mud. Wow. I now see why Devlan Mud is considered magic and/or cheating; it really brings out the details, especially on top of the flat colors from GW’s foundation paints. The Badab Black is no slouch either; it dulled the Bolter Metal on the guns and blades to a nice gunmetal finish. I was slightly worried about losing details to the foundation paints, but the washes prove that I certainly didn’t.

The next step is to go back and do some highlighting with the foundation paints, especially the Gretchin Green and Khemri Brown, touch up the bits of Bleached Bone, and then paint the quills a bit. Before I did that, though, I went ahead and did the shoulder pads on the Kroot. On top of the Mechrite Red (which I did not wash), I put down a layer of Red Gore. Once that was dry, I broke out the stipple brush and the Boltgun Metal, and distressed them a bit.

Judging from how quickly these are coming together, I imagine if I had a weekend to work on them, I could easily turn a unit of 10 around in a day or so, especially now that I know what I want to do with them. Working in groups of three is definitely the way to go. Hopefully, if the weather this weekend is good, I can have the other 8 unprimed Kroot and 6 Kroot Hounds primed and ready for the same treatment, as well as my new commander, and I can make some really noticeable progress on them this month.

Time to Get Cracking on Kroot

Back in 2007, I primed the dozen Kroot that came with my Tau battleforce. Now in 2011, I’m finally getting around to putting paint down on them. I’m just starting with three for now. I figure if I paint them in batches of three, it’ll keep me from feeling overwhelmed, and will give me more ability to focus on the fine details on each one. It’ll also let me use smaller blocks of painting time and still get reasonable progress.

I’m planning on making heavy use of GW’s foundation paints and washes on these, which should make the painting go even faster. In the past, I’ve primarily used them with the spray gun on tanks, but Kroot are a lot less flat and mechanical than the rest of my army. My past experiences with brushing them on have been mixed; Knarloc Green would work well, but Mechrite Red not so much. I think that’s because I may have been thinning them a bit too much.

This time around, I’m using:

  • Gretchin Green for the skin (possibly with Scorpion Green for the underbelly)
  • Khemri Brown for any leather
  • Calthan Brown for any wood
  • Boltgun Metal for exposed metal
  • Bleached Bone for claws, quill tips, and possibly the beak
  • Mechrite Red for the shoulder pads (stippled/weathered with Boltgun Metal for a worn effect)
  • Devlan Mud for washing all of the non-metal bits
  • Badab Black for washing the metal bits

So far, I have the Gretchin Green and Calthan Brown down, and I’m happy with the start. I managed to get this all done in a relatively short time this afternoon, so I feel good about how quickly I’ll be able to turn these out. It also feels good just to paint something. I have little of my Chaos army primed, and the weather’s been less than agreeable for priming anything new, so having even this small project is a good way to get out of my paintnig slump.

More posts as I make more progress.

EDIT: I got in another hour of painting last night, and got the Khemri Brown, Boltgun Metal, Mechrite Red, and some of the Bleached Bone down. What a difference it made! I’ve replaced the photo with an updated shot.