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Marks of Khorne in 8 Steps


One thing I’m still of a mixed mind about in the Chaos Space Marine Codex is the whole icon thing. Having to have one model in a unit being an icon bearer is a bit of a pain when it comes to WYSIWYG modeling. It’s not so bad for vanilla CSMs, as they have the parts for having someone tote around an icon on the sprue. For terminators, though, it’s a bit trickier. For one thing, there’s no comparable parts. For another, they don’t have any free hands. At a loss for what to do, and not really feeling like drilling into a terminator’s body, I pulled out my Green Stuff. Now, before the other night, I’d never really used Green Stuff for anything but patching gaps and doing pseudo-pinning, but suddenly I felt brave. What if the icon bearer’s armor itself was the icon? Of course, this meant one thing – putting the mark of Khorne on him, and that meant sculpting. That’s the mark of a good hobby – it encourages you to stretch yourself and try things you haven’t done before. Getting my Green Stuff, hobby knife, and cup of water ready, I got to work.

I was happy enough with the results to repeat it on his shoulder, and then again on my Terminator Lord, who also bears the mark of Khorne. So, how’d I do it? Here’s how: Continue reading Marks of Khorne in 8 Steps