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Pink is the New Black: What’s Next?

So, now that I have my basic Slaanesh Marine army listed out, built, and through some preliminary testing, where should I take it? Where do I want to go with it? How do I want to grow it to expand my options and/or run larger lists? Well, there are some things I could already start building right now.

  • Chaos Terminators: They’re a nasty unit in my Khorne list, so I have no doubt that they’d also be effective in a Slaanesh list. Is the extra initiative worth the trade-off for the extra attack? Volume of blows is great, but being able to wound your enemy first, and thus blunt their ability to attack in return, is great for survivability. Sure, this unit can’t sweep its foes in assault, but it can still tie them up for a while, and it’s less likely to get swept itself. I have 7 terminators and a terminator lord yet to build, so I have plenty of parts to work with. I might want to look for a Land Raider to cart them around in, but in the meantime I can deep strike them, especially with all the icons I carry around.
  • Chaos Bikers: Some bikers running around the board with 5 initiative sounds fun – almost like Eldar in power armor – and I just happen to have six of them waiting to be assembled. The question is, do I bother giving any of them special weapons, and do I upgrade any of them to an aspiring champion? An icon bearer is a must, of course, but everything else is up in the air.
  • Defiler: Right now, my heavy support choices are a bit limited; I have Obliterators and… Obliterators. However, I have an unassembled Defiler that would make a nice addition, and unlike my Khorne Defiler, this one would keep all of its ranged weapons. I’m thinking of running the Reaper Autocannon and a Havoc Launcher on it, so that I could fire either one big shot or a number of smaller shots each turn. I’ll need to figure out some appropriate customizations to make the the model itself, though.
  • Vindicator: Again, more heavy support choices. A possessed Vindicator, or even a plain one, would be useful on the field. I could have one together in a single evening, but much like the Defiler, I’d have to figure out how I want to customize its look.
  • More Noise Marines: I have a couple of spare Noise Marine arms just sitting around, and I have a number of unassembled Chaos Marines, so I could easily throw these together and pad out the squad a bit. It’s a useful add-in if I find my self having 50-100 points spare to use up.
  • Chosen Marines: Again, I have spare marine bodies to work with, so it wouldn’t be hard at all to throw a squad of them togther. Having some outflankers would be quite useful, and they’re very customizable. I’d have to get a Rhino for them, though. Of what I can assemble now, they’re at the bottom of the list, but that’s because it’s a list with no real bad options.

As far as things I’d need to buy if I wanted to add them, there’s not much. The main thing that comes to mind is more Lesser Daemons (again, using the old Daemonette model), just so I could run more/larger squads of them to deep strike in and claim/contest objectives. Other than that, it’s a matter of getting more Rhinos for the units that need them, and deciding if I want a Land Raider or not. Still, with everything above, I could easily add another 1000 points or so to the army and have plenty of options to pick and choose from.

Finally, there’s the small matter of my other Chaos Marine army. The Khornite army isn’t bad; it’s just that I enjoy playing the Slaaneshi army more. Storage space is at a bit of a premium, and if I’m not going to use the army much, I might as well sell it to someone else who will. I haven’t done a final tally, but I know I have between 1750 and 2000 points, all assembled, and most of which is primed (apart from one squad of Berzerkers and Kharn himself). I’d prefer to sell it to someone local, as I’d hate to try to pack it for shipping and risk all the various spiky bits getting broken, but if there’s no interest here, there’s always eBay. Keep your eyes on this spot.

And in the meantime, I have to get to priming and painting these guys!

Artwork by jubjubjedi. Used without permission.

Sanitized for Your Protection

I’d like to talk to you a moment about Daemonettes.

Several years back, Games Workshop put out metal Daemonette and Seeker of Slaanesh miniatures sculpted by Juan Diaz. These miniatures replaced the old Daemonette line, which mostly consisted of hideous, bald, roughly-female humanoids in leather with cartoonishly-large crab claws. In contrast, the new Daemonette was sleek, lithe, definitely female, and disturbingly alien-yet-attractive. One of their most noticeable features were bare breasts – sometimes multiple sets of them. They fit Slaanesh’s theme of being simultaneously deadly and seductive, monstrous and alluring. For years, when you bought Daemonettes (or Seekers), this is what you got.

Then, a couple of years ago, GW revised the Chaos Daemon codexes in both Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy Battles. Coupled with the release of these books was a brand new line of plastic Chaos Daemon miniatures. One of the sets released was a new box of plastic Daemonettes. Taking advantage of improvements in their plastic production process, these new Daemonettes were well-detailed and very customizable, with a good selection of bits on the sprue. However, design-wise, they were a throwback to the old crab-claw Daemonette sculpts. They were strapped into leather corsets and had oversized (but not cartoonishly-so) arthropod claws. Their faces were furrowed and sneering, and their figures were far less feminine than before. As the woman behind the counter at one of my local game stores said, “I like the old models better. These new ones look like butch bikers.” You be the judge:

Image © Games Workshop. Used without permission.

The reason for the redesign, as far as I understand it, was to appeal to a new customer demographic: mothers of teenaged boys. Games Workshop, like any company, is trying to grow their customer base, and one of the markets they’ve been trying to capture is the 12-to-16 male market. However, those customers don’t tend to have their own money. Instead, it’s their mothers that drop them off at the hobby stores and fund their hobbies that have the purchasing power. The new Daemonettes, looking less naked and feminine than their predecessors, would be less offensive, and they’d be more likely to buy GW products for their children.

On the surface, this is fair logic. If you’re GW, you’re trying to make your game a bit more family-friendly to boost sales without compromising too much of the flavor, and if that means using a revised version of an older, more palatable aesthetic for a couple of miniatures, it’s a fair trade. I can’t fault Games Workshop for making that decision. Given their circumstances, I might have made the same one. However, I have to question how removing some bare breasts from the line would make the game that much more friendly to the moms. You’ve got Chaos Terminators sticking the severed heads of their fallen foes on spikes and wearing them. Necron Flayed Ones are covered in shreds of human skins. There are Bloodletters and Skulltakers and Fabius Bile wearing a coat made out of faces. Maybe it’s just me, but a pair (or three) of visible nipples seems tame by comparison.

Even with the new plastic Daemonettes readily available and decently affordable, the old sculpts are still in high demand. One has only to look at the secondary market on eBay and look at the prices these miniatures are going for. It’s not unusual to see a set of ten – the contents of the previous Daemonette box – to go for $95 or more. Seekers are even harder to get a hold of, because no new plastic version was been released after the metal topless version was discontinued.  Obviously, there’s still a market for the less-family-friendly sculpt, even if the models aren’t as customizable as the plastic versions. If the online marketplace is any indication, I’m not alone in my opinion.

Is there an easy solution to this? I don’t know. I doubt that the Juan Diaz Daemonette sculpt will ever be re-released; I imagine the molds have long since been destroyed/worn out. I also don’t see GW scrapping the current design and returning to a revamped version of the naked Daemonette, as it would be counter to their current marketing plan. I do see a potential solution, though: Forge World. Take the Forge World Keeper of Secrets, for example. It’s basically the Diaz Daemonette made huge and cranked up to 11. Since FW is owned by Games Workshop, obviously they realize that there’s a chance to sell a more mature-oriented model. A line of resin Daemonettes done in a similar style would be well received, I imagine. Would it be more expensive than the plastic versions? Without a doubt, it certainly would. However, it would beat having to claw your way past auction snipers on eBay, and would still be more reasonably priced. It’s a nice idea, isn’t it?

Miniature and photography by Saff. Unedited version available here. (Potentially NSFW.) Used without permission.

Shameless Self-Promotion

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to turn my metal terminators into plastic. Last night, I finally broke down and started that process by throwing some of them up on eBay. One box of Chaos Terminators, along with a Terminator Lord, all still in their original packing and never assembled, are now up for auction. Hopefully, they’ll fetch a halfway-decent price. I don’t know if they’ll end up completely paying for a box of plastic Terminators and a plastic Terminator Lord, but if they can pay for, say, half of that purchase, I’ll consider the experiment a success, and I’ll put the other five Terminators and Abaddon up for auction.

So, please, take a look at the auction, and if you’re interested, place a bid!

Chaos Space Marine Terminators x5 + Lord Warhammer 40K