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Slaanesh: Observations from the Weekend

Played at a small tournament – well, ran a small tournament, and played to fill in the odd number spot – with my Slaanesh CSM/Daemons army, and I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I ended up going 2-1, with wins against Khorne CSM and Nurgle CSM, and a loss against my friend (and cohost) Dennis and his Eldar. This is not surprising; he can never beat my Tau with Eldar, and I’ve yet to beat his Eldar with my Chaos armies. After three games with the new force, I feel like I’m in the right direction for the most part. Here’s what I took:

HQ: Chaos Lord w/Mark of Slaanesh, Sigil of Corruption, Power Sword, Chaos Bike, Gift of Mutation, Veterans of the Long War – 155
Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/8 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster; Noise Champion – 234
Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/8 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster; Noise Champion – 234
Troops: 19 Cultists w/17 Autoguns, 2 Flamers, Mark of Slaanesh; Cultist Champion – 137
Fast Attack:
 4 Chaos Bikers w/Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2 Meltaguns,Veterans of the Long War; Biker Champion w/Combi-Melta, Meltabombs – 195
Heavy Support: 4 Chaos Havocs w/4 Autocannons, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War; Aspiring Champion – 130
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line w/Quad Gun – 100
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh w/Transfixing Gaze, Soporific Musk, Pavane of Slaanesh – 90
Troops: 16 Daemonettes of Slaanesh – 224

Here are my take-aways from the weekend.

  • Bikes work as a Lord delivery system, but… Being on a bike ensures that the Lord will get somewhere quickly, and it keeps him alive due to the increased toughness. The rest of the bikes provide melta for cracking open vehicles and act as ablative wounds. They don’t bring a whole lot else, though, besides someone carrying an Icon of Excess. They just don’t have enough attacks to make a sizable dent in an enemy unit when assaulting. Still, the speed and toughness are really nice. I’m going to keep trying these guys for a bit longer and get used to them before I decide their fate. Putting the Lord on a Steed of Slaanesh is tempting to give the whole unit Outflank, but then I lose the extra toughness.
  • Shooty Noise Marine units are great. Fearless. Power armor. Cranks out tons of shots. Ignore cover. High Initiative if they get assaulted. What’s not to like? Also, the Blastmaster is fantastic now, because of two reasons: ignoring cover and being able to keep it stationary while the rest of the squad moves. It’s totally worth the points now, especially when you consider how easy it is for vehicles to get cover now. If I can see you, I can kill you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Also awesome for killing other power armor units.
  • Shooty Cultists are good. Okay, their guns aren’t great, but with so many shots you can manage a lot of mischief. I actually managed to have them shoot a Bloodthirster to death (results not typical). They’re risky to assault, especially with the flamers, and with the Mark of Slaanesh they’ve got a good chance to attack in kind once you close. In combination with a decent piece of cover, like an Aegis Defense Line, you can keep them nice and safe. Out in the open, though, they’ll take wounds and likely run off the board, so use them wisely if you don’t want to babysit them with a Lord.
  • Havocs are great. Especially with autocannons. A lot of strong shots for a low cost. Sure, they won’t scratch AV14, but that’s what the bikers are for. Setting the champ at the defense line’s Quad Gun almost doubles your firepower and gives you access to a Skyfire Interceptor weapon. I had faith that they would serve me well, and they delivered.
  • Daemonettes worked! The Daemonettes did exactly what I’d chosen them for – a fast assault unit that I could drop into my opponent’s back lines to cause havoc and assault scoring units camping in the rear. They’re fragile, but with the sheer volume of attacks they can put out makes up for their deficiencies. I never did use Hit and Run, so the Herald’s Musk might be on the chopping block, but Gaze and Pavane are staying. The only game where they didn’t directly contribute was against the Eldar (ironic, that), but they still pulled Dennis’s entire army’s attention for that one turn, leaving the rest to act without being bothered for a turn. Even against a tarpit unit like Plague Zombies, they managed to just out-wound their opponents. They don’t stand up to shooting, but I knew they wouldn’t. If nothing else, though, they forced my opponent to make bad decisions: keep pressing forward and ignore the blender I just dropped in your lines, or turn around and deal with it and let me stall out your momentum. I wouldn’t run them much smaller than I have them in this list; they need the bodies to get where you want them.

I will say it’s odd to run an army devoid of vehicles, but at higher point levels (1750-2000), I might figure out a way to pad out that involves metal boxes of one form or another, or maybe pick up a Heldrake and fit it into the list. Also, possibly more Daemons; they’re just fun to play around with.

Slaanesh: A Little From Column A, A Little From Column B

Like many people, I’ve been trying to decipher the riddle of Chaos Marine troops, and I keep vacillating between Cultists, Chaos Marines, and Noise Marines. Looking again at the core of my list right now, I’ve got:

HQ: Chaos Lord w/Mark of Slaanesh, Aura of Dark Glory, Power Sword, Chaos Bike, Veterans of the Long War – 135
Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/8 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster; Noise Champion – 234
Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/8 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster; Noise Champion – 234
Fast Attack: 4 Chaos Bikers w/Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2 Meltaguns,Veterans of the Long War; Biker Champion – 180
Heavy Support: 4 Chaos Havocs w/4 Autocannons, Veterans of the Long War; Aspiring Champion – 120
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line w/Quad Gun – 100

Obviously, I’ve got a couple of troops choices, and they’re dedicated shooty units. I’ve got a Fast assault unit and a Heavy shooty unit, but I think I need a bit more assault capability there. I’d been leaning towards an assault-focused Marine squad (either Noise Marines or Slaanesh-marked Chaos Marines), but I’m just not entirely sold on one. They’re not bad by any means – they’re fast to strike, tough as any marine, have grenades, and have Feel No Pain – but they’re still just marines in combat. Chaos Marines aren’t fearless, Noise Marines are more expensive and less flexible in equipment (but can bring a Doom Siren), and both are stuck foot-slogging across the table and can fail charges as easily as any other non-Fleet unit. Also, running them in larger units – a requirement for those armies that want to assault when Combat Squads aren’t an option – gets prohibitively expensive very quickly. So, what am I left with? Let’s look at Cultists.

Cultists have two things going for them. First, they’re very, very inexpensive. 10 Cultists, including a champion, only cost 50 points before any upgrades. Second, they can be taken in large numbers – up to 35 models per unit. After that, though, they start falling apart quickly. They’re frail, weak, not terribly skilled, and have a poor Leadership score. Using them as an assault unit means trying to bounce them from cover to cover, hoping that they don’t get taken apart by gunfire along the way. They will get taken apart, too; a low toughness and nearly useless armor save combine to ensure they’ll die in droves, giving them more opportunities to break. If they do manage to arrive, they still have the issues of making the assault that the Marines do. They don’t even have any chance to damage vehicles, so they’re really no threat to much of anything other than small isolated units. That’s not to say they’re useless, though. I like the idea of them being a counter-assault unit, something that can use their numbers defensively to sit in cover on an objective and make life difficult for anything that wants to charge in. That’s why I like the autogun/Mark of Slaanesh combo – it pumps out lots of shots, even moreso in overwatch, and can answer an assault at the same time as a standard MEQ unit.

I still don’t have my assault unit, though, and while there’s some good Elite choices, I still want something that can be scoring, and I want it to be thematic. To that end, I started looking at the Daemons codex and Daemonettes. I happen to have 10 painted up, and another 30 primed and ready to go, so it’s an easy add-in to my army model-wise. I would have to add in an HQ since it’s an allied detachment, but I’ve got a couple of models to use as Heralds as well. While the Daemonettes aren’t necessarily tougher than Cultists – they’re both toughness 3 – they’re definitely less fragile. They’ve got the 5+ invulnerable save, which means they won’t auto-die to every weapon in the game, and even if they do take casualties, they’re Fearless, which ensures that they won’t break and run. As far as getting into assault, they’re Fleet, which gives them a huge advantage over every other assault-focused troop choice I can run; I can all but guarantee they’ll make the charge. They strike before most other units, have grenades to ensure that they act at initiative, have 4 attacks each on the charge, and have rending, ensuring that they’re a threat to everything. The Herald is no slouch, either, as she’ll have an extra attack and Transfixing Gaze (because why wouldn’t you spend the 5 points on it) to ensure she has the upper hand in challenges. Add in Eternal Warrior to ensure she can’t get one-shotted, and you’ve got a unit that can hunt characters, squads, and vehicles equally well.

So, how many? I’m thinking 17 Daemonettes and the Herald. It’s a good-sized blob squad, which you’ll want for assault; these units aren’t tough enough to run as MSU assault squads. 18 is three times 6, which makes it nicely fluffy, and gives you enough points left over to throw some upgrades around your army. If fluff isn’t important, you can go with 15 or 20, but I wouldn’t go much less than that. Since the squad is Fearless, you don’t have to worry about gaming the 25% casualty point, and with their invulnerable save being the same as most pieces of cover, you can just run them out in the open (although I would try to use LoS-blocking terrain to keep them out of too many firing lanes). If you absolutely wanted to double-up on squads, you could try two Heralds (since you can fit 2 in the HQ slot) and two 8-man Daemonette squads, but I think they’d be too fragile to make it to combat safely. If you’d rather have the ability to move enemy units around, the Masque is an attractive choice, with her 3++ save and triple Pavane, but the lack of Transfixing Gaze makes her a little weaker in challenges, so for now I’m going to stick with the Herald and maybe sub in the Masque later to try things out.

So, what does my list look like now? With the new additions, and some points thrown around for upgrades, I’m looking at something like this:

HQ: Chaos Lord w/Mark of Slaanesh, Sigil of Corruption, Power Sword, Chaos Bike, Veterans of the Long War – 145
Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/8 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster; Noise Champion – 234
Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/8 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster; Noise Champion – 234
Troops: 24 Cultists w/22 Autoguns, 2 Flamers, Mark of Slaanesh; Cultist Champion – 167
Fast Attack:
 4 Chaos Bikers w/Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2 Meltaguns,Veterans of the Long War; Biker Champion w/Combi-Melta, Meltabombs – 195
Heavy Support: 4 Chaos Havocs w/4 Autocannons, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War; Aspiring Champion – 130
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line w/Quad Gun – 100
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh w/Transfixing Gaze – 55
Troops: 17 Daemonettes of Slaanesh – 238

The plan for the army is simple: the Noise Marines soften up infantry, while Havocs, manning the Quad-Gun, handle vehicles. The Bikes pull double-duty, hunting down vehicles and tougher infantry. The Cultists stay behind the line and hold a point. While all this goes on, the Daemons drop in and chase after any target of opportunity and harass the enemy’s back lines. How well this will play out, we’ll see. I’ll experiment with this, and other variants. Perhaps two smaller Cultist squads, or Marines instead of Daemonettes. For now, though, this looks to be an interesting list to try out.

And Now, the Ladies…

This past weekend saw me start work on the next-to-last set of minis for my hobby challenge list, the old-school Daemonette models I’m using as Lesser Summoned Daemons. When I set them down to paint them, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with them. Was I going to make them more flesh-toned, like my Daemon Prince? Or did I want to paint them more like the hatch art on my Rhinos? I decided to go with the latter, so I mixed up the same purplish tone and went to town. It’s a blend of Vallejo Game Color paints – 3 parts Pale Flesh, 3 parts Skull White, 2 parts Squid Pink, and 1 part Hexed Lichen. Painted on top of Dheneb Stone (my go-to foundation paint for painting light colors on black priming), it still pops nicely. After that, I washed the skin with Leviathan Purple and put my Daemonette Skin color down again, with occasional highlights made by mixing in a little more Pale Flesh.

The hair/tentacles and nipples were painted with a different blend – 2 parts Hexed Lichen, 1 part Pale Flesh, 1 part Skull White, and 4 parts Glaze Medium. The hair was then washed with watered-down Leviathan Purple, and then drybrushed lightly with the skin tone. The claws were painted with a 50/50 blend of Squid Pink and Blood Red, and then washed with Leviathan Purple near the arm and Baal Red along the rest of the claw; this helped create a smoother transition from purple arm to pink claw. After that, the claws were drybrushed with Squid Pink. Cloth was painted in Bleached Bone (as were the horns), and all the bits to be painted gold were painted in Bestial Brown.

Like everything else I’ve been working on lately, I’ve deliberately kept these almost finished. I’ve been trying to make a lot of progress this month, so I’ve been pushing to get everything in a state of being ready for detail work, rather than fixating on getting single units completed. That gives me the next 2 months to focus on moving from unit to unit and doing the final touch-ups on a lot of models. Right now, my “to finish” list looks like:

  • Chaos Sorcerer
  • 18 Noise Marines (including 2 Noise Champions)
  • 6 Chosen
  • 5 Terminators
  • 4 Rhinos
  • 2 Predators
  • Land Raider
  • 10 Daemonettes

47 models. 2 Months. I don’t see that as being a problem at all. I also have 3 Obliterators to paint somewhere over that time, but they’re not as critical, since they’re in the sideboard. They’re still part of the Hobby Challenge, but I think I can knock them out near the end.

My To-Do List

Here’s what I have on my plate:

  1. Finish painting my unfinished Ion Hammerhead.
  2. Paint a dozen Kroot.
  3. Prime another 8 Kroot and 6 Kroot Hounds.*
  4. Finish stripping the 26 Daemonettes I just got on eBay.
  5. Assemble another unit of 6 Noise Marines.
  6. Assemble a unit of Chaos Chosen.
  7. Assemble a unit of Chaos Havocs.
  8. Assemble two Chaos Terminator Lords (I have two kits, and a voucher from a friend for a free paint job on one of them.)
  9. Assemble another 5 Chaos Terminators.
  10. Prime my various Slaanesh marines, their vehicles, and the Daemonettes.*
  11. Replace the Khorne markings removed from my two primed Chaos Rhinos and the Land Raider with Slaanesh markings.
  12. Paint anything that’s primed.

* When weather permits. We’ve got an ice storm moving in this week, so that’s no good for priming. I really have to figure out a cold weather priming solution that doesn’t end up with my lungs filled with propellant and paint.

Pink is the New Black: Daemon Prince WIP

Yesterday, I finally got a chance to run my Slaanesh CSM list, “Pink is the New Black“, in two different variations. I’ll write more about that tomorrow, but first, there’s something else I started working on yesterday. When I first started putting together my Slaanesh list, I was pretty adamant about not wanting to use a Daemon Prince. However, while I was on vacation a few months ago, I happened upon a gaming store that had the Urban Legends variant of Reaper’s Sophie succubus mini on the shelf. Once I had it, I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it, other than to just paint it up as is. After some reflection, though, I decided to make it into a Daemon Prince. I don’t feel like GW’s Daemon Prince kit was a good fit for Slaanesh, so this seemed to fit my army’s theme better.

Rather than just run her as-is, I wanted to “monster” her up a bit. I had a Chaos Spawn sprue that I wasn’t planning to use otherwise, so I took some of the bits from that. The large crab claw arm – very Slaaneshi in style – was attached, along with a couple of insectoid legs springing up from where her wings would be. Why didn’t I just use the wings that came with the mini? Frankly, because I didn’t want to use them. Yes, wings are great on a Daemon Prince, but I feel like they’re a bit overdone. True, you see a lot of Slaanesh DPs with Lash of Submission, but honestly I don’t mind footslogging her around. I can keep her in cover – that’s what the Rhinos are for. The claws were also a bit of an homage to Andariel, one of the demonic bosses in Diablo 2.

Here’s a few pics of how she’s coming along:

The horns are made from daemonette tails. Unfortunately, all of the tails in the daemonette box are unique, so I couldn’t have two of the same horn. I’m not too bothered by it; being a bit asymmetrical fits the theme as well. The base is a 60mm resin base from Micro Arts, and represents my first time working with anything resin. I had to drill into it a bit to make space for the peg on one of her feet. I trimmed that peg down a bit to fit, and trimmed the other peg off entirely; while she wasn’t 100% stable before the glue set, it’s held her in place quite well.

There’s still some work to do before she’s ready for priming, mostly involving the use of green stuff. There are still open holes in her back where the wings would have been that the insect legs don’t fill completely. I want to fill those in, and I also want to smooth in the joint between the back and the crab claw arm. In addition, I want to add a shoulder pad to one of her arms, although I don’t know if I want to use a standard marine pad or one for a Terminator. Her shoulder is actually slender enough to fit a standard one, but I’ll try both and decide which one I prefer. Once that’s done, she should be ready for priming and painting. I haven’t decided if I want to prime white or black yet, but I’ll need to decide soon.

On a side note, I also received 6 of the metal Juan Diaz daemonettes for my birthday (thanks, Dennis!) and got them together as well. Right now, I’m planning on using them as lesser summoned daemons in at least one of my Slaanesh lists. I’d like to get at least 6 more; they seem like they fit best in larger units that can absorb some fire before they get into assault with something.