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My First Forge World Foray…

Work on my Nurgle marines continues, and this time I had an opportunity to do something I’d never done before – work with Forge World bits. I managed to snag a set of Death Guard conversion bits off of eBay a couple of weeks ago, and this past week I set forth on getting them put into use. Fortunately, I already had a spare Chaos Marine box sitting around, and my bits box was populated with plenty of unused arms and bolters, so I had everything I needed to get the job done.

I gave the bits a nice couple of hours soaking in dish soap and water, and then gave them a nice going-over with a brass brush. Hopefully, that got all the mold release agent off; if not, I’ll find out when I prime them. Then, it was time to de-sprue the bits, and this is where it got interesting. I’m glad that these are Nurgle bits, and thus fine if some of the parts are a little trimmed off and uneven in spots, because getting shoulder pads off the blocks of resin was a challenge. There’s one pad (which shows up twice) featuring a horn coming up near the top of the pad, and in both cases there was a solid piece of flash connecting the horn to the base block. Careful negotiating with a hobby knife and a pair of clippers did the work well enough, but it’s going to take some finer control if I ever decide to do non-Nurgle bits.

Fortunately, that was the last hard portion. Gluing and assembly was simple. I’ve heard stories that certain super glues work better than others with Forge World resin (and of course, plastic glues don’t work at all), but my glue of choice had no issues. For the record, Loctite Professional is one of the greatest super glues ever, and I’d never go back to Zap-a-Gap after working with it.

A couple of hours later (spent simultaneously assembling Plague Marines and watching The Avengers), and I had 10 hybrid plastic/resin bits of Chaos nastiness staring back at me from the table. That gets me up to 17; I’ll probably see if I can kitbash 3 more from additional spare parts for a nice even 20. Right now, I’ve got two with plasma guns, so maybe a couple of flamers would be nice as well. I could do meltaguns, but big teardrops of toxic death seem more appropriate.

Progress With Papa Nurgle

Two weeks since my last post. So much for my goal of posting once every calendar week. Still, I actually have hobby progress for the first time in a long while, so I’ll go with it.

This week, I’ve managed to start work on my Nurgle Chaos Marines, getting the Plague Marines, the Daemon Prince, and a Sorcerer assembled. All were Finecast, and happily without any noticeable flaws beyond a small gap on the Daemon Prince (which could have easily existed in the metal version), and for the most part they went pretty quickly.  The arms on a couple of the Plague Marines were a bit fiddly, but otherwise they were about as simple to assemble as it comes. I touched up their backpacks with a bit of Liquid Green Stuff to make them a bit less pristine. I hope the effect works when I get around to painting them.

One thing that surprised me about the Daemon Prince is how small he is. I mean, sure, he’s big compared to a marine, but I had this image in my mind of a much more hulking model. My kitbashed Slaanesh Daemon Prince is taller, although definitely thinner. Still, he’s about the size of a Dreadnought, so he’s not tiny, and he’s still beastly in combat. He had Bendy Sword Syndrome, but a hit with a hair dryer and a quick dunk in cold water fixed that right up. The gap in his model is right behind his head, and you can see where I’ve tried fixing it with more Liquid Green Stuff. Not as successful here, but I have time to give it another go.

Who are you calling small, man?
Who are you calling small, man?

You might notice that I haven’t attached his smokestacks/bone tubes/whichever yet. That’s because I haven’t decided on if I’m giving him wings or not. Technically, I should, since he’s more awesome with wings, but I also haven’t decided on a solution. One possibility is to give him the fly wings off of the Plague Drone kit. I’ve seen a couple of examples of this, and it looks about the right size, wouldn’t be too unwieldy, and would be thematically appropriate. The other is going Mantis-Style, like this conversion on BoLS. I even have a friend who has a pair of hive arms I can use. I’m undecided, though, especially after seeing how small the model is. Of course, the plastic Daemon Prince might not be that much bigger; I haven’t seen one up close. Still, I think I like the insect wings… or I might just keep him stock. I’m still undecided.

The Sorcerer was a last-minute purchase, and the easiest build; I just did a head-swap for the Nurgle Aspiring Champ head from the standard CSM box. Looking him over, the rest of him is easily Nurgle-able with the right paintjob.

This week, I should be getting some Forge World Plague Marine bits I procured off of eBay (from a US vendor, and they’re still in the clamshell, so they look to be legit), and that’ll give me a good 17 Plague Marines to play around with. I’ve got extra Chaos Marine bodies as well, so I can probably Nurgle up another 3 and make it an even 20. Between that and the 20+ Cultists I’m going to devote to the cause (if not more), I should be good on Troops. Also, I broke down and grabbed the WHFB Nurgle Lord (the mini is too good to pass up) to get 40K-ified. Between that and everything else I have, I think I’m good to go on this project (for now, anyway).

Goodbye Guard, Hello Nurgle

Last night I packed my Imperial Guard purchases into a box, and this morning it was shipped off to Chicago to a lucky buyer. The more I looked at it, the less I wanted to work on it. For the first time, I found a 40K army for which I just have absolutely no passion. There are armies that I don’t play – such as Necrons and Dark Eldar – that I really like and would probably enjoy, and others – like Orcs and Tyranids – that aren’t my first choice, but I could probably have fun with. Imperial Guard, though, just did nothing for me. I like some of the concepts, but they never triggered any ideas in my brain for what I wanted to do with them that I could stick with. So, it’s best to send them somewhere that they’ll make someone happy.

I took the proceeds from that sale, and I turned them into something that I would enjoy. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with my CSM this year, and in addition to catching up with the things I’ve added, I’ve decided to expand the scope of the army. I’ve been all Slaanesh all the time, and that’s been fun, but running with only one option lacks a bit of depth and flexibility. To fix that, I’ve decided to start splashing in some Nurgle aspects to the army. First off, there’s the obvious – I’ve picked up some Plague Marines and a Nurgle Daemon Prince (who I will probably add wings to, although I’m undecided what style to give him). I’d like to also pick up some of the Forge World Death Guard conversion bits – the 40K plague-y ones, not the 30K not-yet-tainted ones.

Now, a handful of Plague Marines and a DP does not a Nurgle force make (although it’s a good start). Looking through my collection of unbuilt, unprimed, and/or unpainted Chaos models, I’ve found other things that could be turned to Nurgle with little or no work:

  • 20 or so ranged Cultists (primed, just need an appropriately grimy, rusty paintjob on their bits)
  • A Defiler (still unprimed, so I can greenstuff it up)
  • A Rhino (modeled to be possessed, but unprimed, so again, greenstuff can make it even uglier)
  • A Chaos Terminator Lord (unassembled, even!)
  • A Chaos Vindicator (also unassembled, so perfect to add in)

That would give me a nice variety of diseased units to throw into the mix. I might even pick up the Warhammer Fantasy Nurgle Champ model to tweak and make 40K-appropriate, because he’s just that awesome-looking. I’m excited about this project, so I think I’ve made the right choice.

Slaanesh: Observations from the Weekend

Played at a small tournament – well, ran a small tournament, and played to fill in the odd number spot – with my Slaanesh CSM/Daemons army, and I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I ended up going 2-1, with wins against Khorne CSM and Nurgle CSM, and a loss against my friend (and cohost) Dennis and his Eldar. This is not surprising; he can never beat my Tau with Eldar, and I’ve yet to beat his Eldar with my Chaos armies. After three games with the new force, I feel like I’m in the right direction for the most part. Here’s what I took:

HQ: Chaos Lord w/Mark of Slaanesh, Sigil of Corruption, Power Sword, Chaos Bike, Gift of Mutation, Veterans of the Long War – 155
Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/8 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster; Noise Champion – 234
Troops: 9 Noise Marines w/8 Sonic Blasters, 1 Blastmaster; Noise Champion – 234
Troops: 19 Cultists w/17 Autoguns, 2 Flamers, Mark of Slaanesh; Cultist Champion – 137
Fast Attack:
 4 Chaos Bikers w/Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2 Meltaguns,Veterans of the Long War; Biker Champion w/Combi-Melta, Meltabombs – 195
Heavy Support: 4 Chaos Havocs w/4 Autocannons, Mark of Slaanesh, Veterans of the Long War; Aspiring Champion – 130
Fortification: Aegis Defense Line w/Quad Gun – 100
HQ: Herald of Slaanesh w/Transfixing Gaze, Soporific Musk, Pavane of Slaanesh – 90
Troops: 16 Daemonettes of Slaanesh – 224

Here are my take-aways from the weekend.

  • Bikes work as a Lord delivery system, but… Being on a bike ensures that the Lord will get somewhere quickly, and it keeps him alive due to the increased toughness. The rest of the bikes provide melta for cracking open vehicles and act as ablative wounds. They don’t bring a whole lot else, though, besides someone carrying an Icon of Excess. They just don’t have enough attacks to make a sizable dent in an enemy unit when assaulting. Still, the speed and toughness are really nice. I’m going to keep trying these guys for a bit longer and get used to them before I decide their fate. Putting the Lord on a Steed of Slaanesh is tempting to give the whole unit Outflank, but then I lose the extra toughness.
  • Shooty Noise Marine units are great. Fearless. Power armor. Cranks out tons of shots. Ignore cover. High Initiative if they get assaulted. What’s not to like? Also, the Blastmaster is fantastic now, because of two reasons: ignoring cover and being able to keep it stationary while the rest of the squad moves. It’s totally worth the points now, especially when you consider how easy it is for vehicles to get cover now. If I can see you, I can kill you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Also awesome for killing other power armor units.
  • Shooty Cultists are good. Okay, their guns aren’t great, but with so many shots you can manage a lot of mischief. I actually managed to have them shoot a Bloodthirster to death (results not typical). They’re risky to assault, especially with the flamers, and with the Mark of Slaanesh they’ve got a good chance to attack in kind once you close. In combination with a decent piece of cover, like an Aegis Defense Line, you can keep them nice and safe. Out in the open, though, they’ll take wounds and likely run off the board, so use them wisely if you don’t want to babysit them with a Lord.
  • Havocs are great. Especially with autocannons. A lot of strong shots for a low cost. Sure, they won’t scratch AV14, but that’s what the bikers are for. Setting the champ at the defense line’s Quad Gun almost doubles your firepower and gives you access to a Skyfire Interceptor weapon. I had faith that they would serve me well, and they delivered.
  • Daemonettes worked! The Daemonettes did exactly what I’d chosen them for – a fast assault unit that I could drop into my opponent’s back lines to cause havoc and assault scoring units camping in the rear. They’re fragile, but with the sheer volume of attacks they can put out makes up for their deficiencies. I never did use Hit and Run, so the Herald’s Musk might be on the chopping block, but Gaze and Pavane are staying. The only game where they didn’t directly contribute was against the Eldar (ironic, that), but they still pulled Dennis’s entire army’s attention for that one turn, leaving the rest to act without being bothered for a turn. Even against a tarpit unit like Plague Zombies, they managed to just out-wound their opponents. They don’t stand up to shooting, but I knew they wouldn’t. If nothing else, though, they forced my opponent to make bad decisions: keep pressing forward and ignore the blender I just dropped in your lines, or turn around and deal with it and let me stall out your momentum. I wouldn’t run them much smaller than I have them in this list; they need the bodies to get where you want them.

I will say it’s odd to run an army devoid of vehicles, but at higher point levels (1750-2000), I might figure out a way to pad out that involves metal boxes of one form or another, or maybe pick up a Heldrake and fit it into the list. Also, possibly more Daemons; they’re just fun to play around with.


I actually managed to grab a week of vacation time over the Thanksgiving holiday, and miraculously we had 60+ degree weather for most of it. Given that it’s not going to be long before we’re deep in winter, I figured that it’s time to get priming while the weather’s agreeable for it. First on the block was my Realm of Battle board. My wife got a new bike that same week, so fortunately we had a big empty cardboard box that made the perfect priming setup for large flat pieces of plastic.

Besides the board, I also had the additions to my Chaos Marine army: the Bike Lord, the Chaos Bikers, the Autocannon Havocs, and some more Noise Marines. By the way, these Noise Marines were made with the new Finecast bits, and I can’t begin to describe how much easier these were to work with than the old metal bits. I had a love/hate relationship with the metal Noise Marine kits, but these were all love. My only minor complaint is trying to get the arms lined up with each other and the body, but that’s a fault with the design, not the material. If I ever needed to expand my Noise Marines further, I would buy another set of these bits in a heartbeat.

I also primed my Cultists to get them ready. I did hit a point of frustration here, though, and it’s with how Dark Vengeance is packaged. Each squad is 1 Champ, 8 Cultists (either CCW/Autopistol or Autogun), and one special weapon Cultist. However, combine two of those, and you don’t have a legal squad of 20 unless you count Champ #2 as another CCW/Autopistol Cultist… and one of the champs doesn’t even have an Autopistol. I’ve got a tournament coming up this weekend where I’m using the Cultists (if I play; I’m the ringer to pad out even numbers), and I needed a legal unit of 20, so I ended up picking up one of the GW Cultist boxes after I’d done my priming… so I’ll have one bare plastic Cultist (the shame; the shame!). Also, the Shotgun is crap, so I did an arm swap between the Champ and one of the close-combat Cultists.

And to wrap up all the 40K-ness, I also assembled and primed my Aegis Defense Line. A friend is lending me her Dremel, and I used it to deface the Aquilas off of the various barrier bits and the Quad Gun base. On the quad gun, I smoothed it down nicely to put a new Chaos marking on it, but on the ADL bits I just left the Aquila spot looking distressed and defaced to give it that “hastily defiled” look. Oh, and spikes were added, because it’s Chaos. Can’t have Chaos without spiky bits, right?

But that’s not all, folks! I’ve also been branching out, and recently picked up the Viktorias for Malifaux. I’m still waiting on some Ronin and a Convict Gunslinger, but I got the twins and Taelor primed. I want somewhat more vibrant colors, so I went with a gray primer instead.

And finally, some models I’m just doing for an eventual display piece: 4 Darklands/Bane Legions Melusines, ordered from Maelstrom Games before that vendor imploded under the weight of their own debt. The manufacturer’s sending me the fifth to make up for the one I never received. I have some special basing materials set aside for their display board, which will start out as a sheet of cork glued on a plinth, with square holes cut out for their bases. I’m wary of that totem staff, though; it’s resin and very wobbly and fragile.

Between all this and my Black Templars, I’ll have plenty of models to work on over the next few months!