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Stuck in Time

Apparently Google’s RSS handling service has decided that my post on May 31st, Works in Progress:  Finecast Huron, Tau Display Board, is so fantastic that it’s refusing to see any updates afterwards. Google Reader, and thus any system using it, like Blogger’s blogrolls, haven’t picked up any of my posts since then. Unfortunately, this means that I’m dropping off of blogrolls right around my coverage of DieCon’s GT. I’ve left a message on the Google Reader support forums, validated my RSS feed multiple times, made sure my copy of WordPress was properly installed and up to date, and have been left basically flummoxed as to why it decided to fail at this particular moment.

So, in the hope beyond hope that somehow this article will break the Groundhog-Day-style loop that my blog finds itself in, here’s some links to the articles that you might have missed:

C’mon, Google, you can do it!

Spearhead: Krox Responds

In the commentary on my recent post about Spearhead deployment and facing fast/deep-striking armies, Krox at Mis-modeled Firewarrior put his support firmly behind the Alpha Strike strategy, and offered to put together a video battle report to support his argument. This evening, he was good as his word, as his video batrep is now up for viewing. He faces off against a Chaos Marine army in a 2000-point Spearhead/Seize Ground battle. I won’t give away how the battle ends – please, watch the video – but I will say that he’s able to blunt the oncoming Chaos forces and avoids getting steamrolled. Had he gone with a Null Deployment strategy, he would have ended up having to dislodge Chaos Marines all over the table, so his plan was definitely the better course of action.

I will say that there’s some luck involved, though. There’s some absolutely lousy rolling on both sides, but particularly on the Chaos side. Had the dice been more favorable to Krox’s opponent, he would have been in a much better position to overrun Krox’s positions. It’s a very hard-fought battle, though, for both sides, and I’m definitely leaning towards agreeing with Krox in the Null Deployment v. Alpha Strike debate.

40k Resolutions for 2k10

A new year (and depending on when you start counting them, a new decade) is almost upon us, which means it’s New Year Resolution time. Like any good gamer/hobbyist, I have a few that cover my hobby of choice. What are my plans for 2010?

  • Get in at least two games a month. Right now, I’m averaging around a game every two months. I need to flip that around. Part of it will be clearing out blocks of my own time (such as putting down the Xbox controller from time to time), part of it will be trying to get games in with friends, and part of it will be going out and seeking games with other local playgroups. Sadly, KC doesn’t have a Battle Bunker, or even a GW store, but there are plenty of Friendly Local Game Stores where games of 40k can be had.
  • Paint at least 3000 points of minis. I’ve got around 1000-1500 points of Tau minis remaining to paint in various stages of completion. Beyond that, I have my 1500-point Khorne CSM army. I’d like to get both completely painted by year’s end. I figure I can do 300 points a month, with two months off to cover some slacking time. I’m also considering keeping a tally of minis painted, similar to lone pilgrim‘s painting points. I think it’ll help keep me accountable and motivated.
  • Get a second Chaos Space Marine army together. I’ve only assembled less than half of my Chaos collection. I still have more than enough minis (minus a few Rhinos) to make a second solid Chaos Marine force. I’m thinking Black Legion, since I have Abaddon, some Terminators, 3 Obliterators, and a bunch of generic CSMs that would look great in black and gold.
  • Set up my own gaming table. Right now, I have no space to play at home. I have to play at shops, or at my friend Dennis’s house. I’d like to have my own playspace, with my own table and terrain. Of course, that ties into one of my non-40k resolutions: move into a new, bigger house. We aimed for 2009 and failed, but 2010 looks to be the year we make it happen.
  • Make blog posts more frequently. If I can do the four things above, this one should work itself out.
  • Be more active in the online 40k community. I have accounts on various 40k-related forums, but I rarely post on any of them. I might not be able to keep track of all of them equally, but I’d like to at least become a regular poster on a couple of them. Just like with the blog posts, if I can keep active in the hobby, I should have no lack of subject for posting.

So, there’s my plans for 2010. When the end of the year comes around again, we’ll see how I did!

Two weeks of fewer distractions

My laptop stopped being able to recognize its own power supply last week, so this weekend it was shipped back to Dell for repairs. This leaves me with an empty desk and fewer distractions to keep me from getting miniature work done. I actually managed to finish my Defiler over the weekend, so I’ve got a good start on things. Tonight I may work on my Raptors, although I’m hoping I can get them together without pinning them – I don’t currently have a drill bit fine enough to pin small pieces.

I’d like to get the Raptors done, as well as getting the rest of my 1000-point Khorne army based, by the weekend. It’s fall now, and before long it will be too cold outside to prime minis. I have to prime soon, or otherwise I’ll be left with bare metal and plastic until spring. Priming inside is a no-go; my wife is too sensitive to the fumes from spray paint to even use the garage. I’ve heard good things about priming with gesso, though, so that’s a possibility for the winter. I think that for my Chaos armies, I’m going to go with grey rubble with the occasional shard of blood-red crystal poking out. I’ve wanted to do some crystals on a base ever since I saw this beautiful Eldar jetbike, and my Chaos Space Marines give me a perfect opportunity to try it out.

I’m also hoping to get back onto my painting schedule this week or next; I have a Hammerhead waiting for some fresh paint!