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Black Templars: Project Complete!

templars_october_crusadersWhat you see above is the last 9 models I had to paint to complete my Independent Characters 2014 Painting Challenge. They were half-finished on my workbench two weeks ago, but now they’re all finished and ready for the tabletop. This finally completes the army I started working on 10 months ago. Actually, I started on this army in April of last year…

black_templars_projectBut after I got it assembled and primed in August…

kr_multicase_03…I stalled out for a few months. Thankfully, the IC Challenge kicked my ass into gear, and now, a year and a half later, I’ve turned those boxes into this:

templars_complete_01It’s been a fun project, and I’ve had opportunities to practice things like freehand details and a bit more weathering than I normally do, so it’s been a good learning experience. That doesn’t mean my Templars army is done, though. I still have to paint:

  • Chaplain Grimaldus and his retinue
  • A power fist Chaplain
  • A Marshal (well, a Captain/Chapter Master now)
  • 10 Honor Guard
  • A Drop Pod
  • A Dreadnought
  • A Stormraven
  • 2 more Rhinos/Razorbacks

That could easily keep me busy for a few more months, but other than the Honor Guard and Drop Pod (which are already on their way to being finished), I can take a break for a while and get to my other armies (like my Chaos Marines, which have a number of units in post-priming limbo). Well, I might squeeze the Stormraven in; gotta add a flyer for fun. 🙂

Black Templars: Helbrecht Complete!


 I completed my High Marshal Helbrecht last night/this morning. He’s not quite up to par with the official ‘Eavy Metal paintjob, and the Finecast model ended up being rougher in spots than I’d originally thought, but all in all I’m very happy with him. Technically, this would have finished my painting challenge army, but since the new codex changed things up I have mode models to build and prime this week.

Also, last weekend I picked up the new Tactical Squad, Sternguard Veteran Squad, and Vanguard Veteran Squad boxes, all to ensure that I have enough bits to make my add-ons, including the Honor Guard I’m planning. So many cool bits in the two Vet boxes, so I should have no problem making my Honor Guard look awesome, especially with all the spare Black Templar bits I have floating around.

Black Templars: Moving On, With Options

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

After reading through the new Space Marine codex, making adjustments for things like the Emperor’s Champ taking up an HQ slot, and recalculating point costs, my current Black Templars list – the one I’m working on for the Independent Characters’ Hobby Progress Challenge – looks something like this:

HQ: High Marshal Helbrecht (180 pts)

HQ: Emperor’s Champion (140 pts)

Troops: Crusader Squad (168 pts)
5 Initiates with Bolt Pistol & CCW
1 Initiate with Flamer
1 Initiate with Bolt Pistol & Power Axe
5 Neophytes with Bolt Pistol & CCW

Troops: Crusader Squad (168 pts)
5 Initiates with Bolt Pistol & CCW
1 Initiate with Flamer
1 Initiate with Bolt Pistol & Power Axe
5 Neophytes with Bolt Pistol & CCW

Troops: Crusader Squad (180 pts)
3 Initiates with Bolters
1 Initiate with Plasmagun
1 Initiate with Lascannon
1 Razorback (Twin-Linked Lascannon)

Elite: Venerable Dreadnought (150 pts)
1 Dreadnought (Venerable; Twin-Linked Lascannon)

Elite: Terminator Assault Squad (305 pts)
2 Terminators with Lightning Claws
5 Terminators with Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (75 pts)
1 Land Speeder (Typhoon Missile Launcher)

Fast Attack: Land Speeder Squadron (75 pts)
1 Land Speeder (Typhoon Missile Launcher)

Heavy Support: Land Raider Crusader (260 pts)
1 Land Raider Crusader (Multi-melta)

This comes out to 1,701 points – 149 shy of the 1,850 I had previously. I dropped the Master of Sanctity from the list, chiefly because he doesn’t exist as an option anymore, and the standard Chaplain is a bit lackluster in comparison. The question is, how do I fill up those points, while keeping in mind that this is a painting challenge that only has 2 1/2 months remaining. Well, I’ve come up with a few options:


Option 1: More Crusaders

This one is pretty obvious. Templars, as an assault-focused army, benefit from having more bodies on the table, and the obvious targets are the Crusader Squads. 12 models in a squad are okay, but 15 would be better… and this also allows me to take advantage of the new Sword Brethren in the squads. In this option, my Crusader Squads look like this:

Troops: Crusader Squad (225 pts)
8 Initiates with Bolt Pistol & CCW
1 Initiate with Meltagun
1 Sword Brother with Bolt Pistol & Power Sword
5 Neophytes with Bolt Pistol & CCW

Troops: Crusader Squad (225 pts)
8 Initiates with Bolt Pistol & CCW
1 Initiate with Meltagun
1 Sword Brother with Bolt Pistol & Power Sword
5 Neophytes with Bolt Pistol & CCW

Troops: Crusader Squad (214 pts)
3 Initiates with Bolters
1 Initiate with Plasmagun
1 Initiate with Lascannon
1 Sword Brother with Combi-Plasma
1 Razorback (Twin-Linked Lascannon)

The melee squads get more choppy, and the shooting squad gets a bit more shooty. I trade a flamer for a meltagun to crack open armor, and I pass the power weapon off to the Sword Brother. Why a power sword and not an axe? While the extra strength from the axe is nice, he’s mostly there to take challenges, and with only one wound I want him swinging at initiative, and I’ll bank on the Rending provided by the Templars’ new chapter traits. This option gets me up to 1,849 points. Not bad.


Option 2: Honor Guard

One of the benefits of running Helbrecht is that he unlocks Honor Guard, and frankly, they’re murder machines. Two attacks base (three with their bolt pistol), artificer armor, power weapons, and bolters? And they can carry a chapter banner that gives the entire unit an extra attack each? And a champion with one more attack? And they can take relic blades? And they cost less than Terminators? Sign me up. I’d be willing to swap out my Terminators for these. Sure, you lose the invulnerable saves and the thunder hammers, but instead you get a crazy number of attacks. For 10 points less, I can get this:

HQ*: Honor Guard (295 pts)
9 Honor Guard (Chapter Banner)
1 Chapter Champion (Relic Blade)

Run that squad in the Land Raider Crusader with Helbrecht and the Emperor’s Champion, and they almost assuredly kill whatever you point them at, especially if you figure in Helbrecht using his once-per-game Hatred/Fleet ability the turn they come out of the Land Raider. Spend the 10 points saved on Extra Armor for the Land Raider, and you guarantee that it’ll get where it’s going (if it doesn’t get blown up). The Emperor’s Champ gets to benefit from the banner as well, so he’s now 5 attacks on the charge (2 base + 1 pistol + 1 charge + 1 banner), making it likely that he will slay anything he challenges.  The best part about this swap? I still have the points to add the Crusaders in option 1! The downside, though, is that it’s 10 models I don’t currently have, along with a banner. Painting this all up in time for the challenge might be difficult – but if I can get them assembled and primed before the end of the month, who knows?


Option 3: Another Dreadnought

This one’s an option for fast painting, mostly because I already have one built and primed, along with a drop pod. It’s not as effective as more bodies, but it would allow me to drop a big nasty in my opponent’s backfield and tear up armor. Pretty simple, really:

Elite: Dreadnought (135 pts)
1 Dreadnought
1 Drop Pod

Troops: Crusader Squad (194 pts)
4 Initiates with Bolters
1 Initiate with Plasmagun
1 Initiate with Lascannon
1 Razorback (Twin-Linked Lascannon)

The dread gets me up to 135 points, leaving me 14 more – which is perfect for padding out the shooting squad with an extra Initiate. It’s not a terrible option, and definitely the easiest to paint, but I’m not sold on it for effectiveness.

There are other options as well – a Storm Talon, maybe, or a couple of tanks, or even another small shooty Crusader squad without a transport – but these are the first three I’m looking at. They don’t require me to buy much (and even with buying a few extra models for the honor guard, I’d get a ton of extra bits to save), and the first two definitely make the army better.

Black Templars: Land Raider Crusader, and the Future


For August, I had a Land Raider Crusader to add to my Black Templar army, and it is done. Even though it was only a single model, as crazy as this month has been (I still haven’t posted photos from Games Day, and I’ve totally ignored my blog), I got it done just under the wire. It’s a nice addition to the army, though, and I managed to avoid the “police car” effect that my Razorback had.





I went with the same kind of illuminated script detailing that I put on my Venerable Dreadnaught; I figure that, like a VenDread, a Land Raider would be an ancient piece of tech with a backstory, and the Templars seem like the types to put that story on the equipment itself. One thing I am surprised at, though, is that on the Space Marine vehicle transfer sheet, there’s not a single large black Maltese cross. There are white ones (and I put one on top of the chassis), but no black ones, which I wanted to put in the large white area on the Land Raider’s front right. To get one, I’ll have to order a BT transfer sheet from Forge World. For now, it’s no big hurry.

Also, regarding my Razorback, I managed to de-police-ify it by painting in some of the white:


I’m much happier with this version, and it matches the Land Speeders and Land Raider in just having a couple of spots of white rather than big panels of it.

As for what I’m painting this month, I’m not sure. Saturday sees the new Space Marine codex released, and with the Templars officially being de-codexed and rolled into the main book, it’s going to change up the list I’ve been painting. I’m not sure how much at this point, although I imagine my five-man Las/Plas crusader squad will probably go. Points costs will need to be re-evaluated (although hopefully things got a bit cheaper). Wargear will be changed up. My first priority will be re-calculating and seeing what I need and what I’ll have to add to make things legal (as opposed to the things I’d like to buy eventually, like a Stormraven and some Sternguard).

I’ve also added another army to the mix; I managed to luck upon an amazing deal that got me a Leman Russ Executioner (and a Demolisher turret as well), a Chimera, a Vendetta, and about 40 or so IG infantry, including 3 Mortar Teams. I haven’t quite figured out exactly what I’m going to build with them list-wise, but I know I’m aiming for something Steel Legion-esque in appearance. There’s converting to be done!!

July’s Templar Project – Complete!


I have lots of Games Day pictures to go through and post, but in the meantime I wanted to post the next installment of my Black Templar painting challenge progress. This month, I had a pair of Land Speeder Typhoons to work on, and I can gladly report that I finished them by month’s end. I actually had them effectively complete last week, but last night I decided to do a bit of touch-up on the edge highlighting. What I had was a bit too subtle, so some extra work with Dawnstone and a fine detail brush touched it up nicely. Black’s a hard color to get quite right when it comes to highlighting, and what is sometimes too strong on some models is too subtle on others. On these, though, I think it came out alright.


I had fun painting the engines on these as well. Originally, I had the inside of the exhaust vents as plain black, but after adding heat-weathering, I wanted to do something else. A quick layer of Mephiston Red, some Nuln Oil for a wash, and a bit of drybrushing with various shades of red and orange gave me a very simple but effective look. I’m glad I did; the rear of the craft would have been a bit bland otherwise.

Next month, I tackle the last vehicle in my challenge (although not the last Templar vehicle I have unpainted) – a Land Raider Crusader:


I have some ideas for embellishing the recesses on the front sides, so this should be fun. Also, the gunner and the assault cannons are both removable, so that should make painting the whole thing that much easier. I’m going to avoid some of the color choices I made on the Rhino/Razorback, though; white is not going to figure nearly as prominently on this vehicle as it did on that one. I think the front recesses will be about it, apart from any minor details. I’m even tempted to touch up the Rhino/Razorback and break up the white a bit, maybe black out the side doors and cupola, and even repaint the front part of the recesses (where it passes just under the headlights) black as well.

Finally, at Games Day I picked up something else to pad out my Black Templar collection:


Chaplain Grimaldus and his retinue. Finally, I’ll have a non-kitbashed Chaplain miniature! Not that I’m ashamed of mine, mind you. I just would like something a bit different and a bit more embelllished. Also, having some Cenobyte Servitors will be nice. Once again, I had good luck with Finecast; no bubbles or miscasts worth mentioning or that needed any fixing.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll touch upon other things, like Games Day pictures or the Farsight Enclave supplement, so stick around!