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A 40K Artist Needs Your Help!

Recognize this artist? No? Maybe this is a bit more familiar.

That’s art by Nicolas R. Giacondino, or as many 40K fans know him, Aerion-the-Faithful. He’s done a ton of fan art for the 40K community, including the picture of Sanguinius for the Dornian Heresy document that Bolter and Chainsword put out a couple of years ago, the Emperor “Abide” image for Adepticon 2012’s Friendly Tournament,and the design for the AdeptiConstruct. If you’re a 40K fan who’s spent any time online, you’ve probably seen one or more of his pictures. You can check out more of his 40K artwork in his deviantArt gallery.

So, why am I bringing Nicolas up? Because he’s a friend of mine, and he’s in a bit of a financial tight spot right now. That means he’s open for commissions, and he’s ready to jump on them and get them done. I can personally vouch for his quality and speed. I’ve commissioned him three times, and every time he’s been fast, communicative, and the artwork has always been top-notch. His prices are very reasonable, and he’s very, very good. The picture at the top of this post was one I commissioned for my podcast – a group portrait of our four hosts. Not only did he turn it around in a very short time (while working on finishing up the first volume of his comic Free Mars), but based solely off of a few pictures I provided him from Facebook, he did portraits that even my 5-year-old could instantly recognize – all while maintaining his signature style.

So please, if you’re interested and can spare the funds, contact him at his deviantArt page and ask for an art commission. He’s very familiar with the 40K universe and can definitely make your vision come to life. The help will be greatly appreciated, I assure you!

Artwork for My Cadre, Get!

I now have artwork of my Tau Cadre! I wish I could claim credit for turning it out, but it’s the work of Eric Tan, thevampiredio on deviantArt. He does great commission work, and he’s a 40K fan (and Tau fan) as well. Please, go check out the rest of his art!

And while you’re there, stop in at #the-greater-good, the Tau-focused group I run on deviantArt. I’ve been trying to find the best Tau painting and conversions from the site and collect them all in one place for people to enjoy!