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Malifaux: And Now For Something Completely Different…

viktorias_wip_01After building and painting a lot of 40K miniatures (and I now have bits for 10 Tau Pathfinders queued up on my workbench), it’s nice to take a bit of a breather and paint something completely different. I’ve had my Malifaux crew primed since November, and it’s finally time to getting around to painting them. Most of what I’ve painted has been completely armored, or, in the case of my daemonettes, completely inhuman in skintone. Painting the Viktorias and their crew is an exercise in learning to paint human skin, and, well… I’m getting there. Not there yet, but getting there. The twins themselves actually weren’t that difficult, because a lot of their skin is covered by costume, whether it’s a coat and corset or just a bunch of belts and swords. Blonde hair, though, is very easy – I paint it much like I’d paint parchment, just with a different density of highlighting.

taelor_lady_hammerstrike_wip_01Lady Hammerstrike, however, was a pain. I’ve repainted her face and abs once, and while it’s still not as good as I think it was going to be in my head, she looks decent. I’m still learning wet blending, so the edges on the highlights are a bit sharper/more stark than I’d like, but she’s coming along. The sculpt of her hair had a bit less definition that I’d like, but I think I made do well enough with highlighting.

convict_gunslinger_wip_01On the other hand, I’m really happy with how the Convict Gunslinger’s skin turned out. The scars were particularly fun to paint; once I had the rest of the body done, I went over/around the scars with a blend of Scab Red and Tallarn Flesh (yes, I’m still using my older Citadel paints until they’re gone), then lined over the scar ridges with Elf Flesh. Gives them that nice healing/raised flesh look, and his skin took a wash really well to make sure it was properly shaded.

I’ve got a trio of Ronin with skin base-coated and washed, but they’re not ready to show off, even in work-in-progress status. I also have the Viktorias avatars’ skin base-coated, but again, there’s not much to show beyond that. That’s not saying that I haven’t been working on anything else, though. Besides taking small steps on my Venerable Dreadnought, I’ve also been working on a couple of minis from


demon_girl_1_wip_01If I wanted skin practice, these two ladies have given me a lot of opportunity for that. I’m planning on using them as objective markers for my Slaanesh CSM army, hence why they’re glued onto 40mm bases. They haven’t turned out badly, and I was actually working on them before I worked on the Malifaux minis, so I’m surprised that their skin turned out better, but it’s all a learning experience. Again, my blending techniques need a lot of work, but I’m getting used to building up the highlights in thin layers. The more I practice, the better I’ll get.

And no, Malifaux isn’t replacing 40K for me. It’s just a chance to paint (and eventually play) something different. Small skirmish-scale games provide a nice alternative to large company-scale wargames from time to time. Of course, with Malifaux 2.0 coming in a few months, there’s no point in learning to play right now…