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5 Wargames I Would Play If I Had Infinite Resources

Oh, to have a TARDIS. It’d be awesome to have access to infinite space and time, and it seems like money is never an object when you have a TARDIS at your disposal. Of course, being me, I’d probably find a way to work it into my hobbies. What games would I play if I had space, time, and money were not a concern? I can think of a few. Here, in no particular order, are five such games…

1. Warhammer Fantasy Battles

I already have the start of a WHFB army – High Elves – but apart from the models from Island of Blood, I don’t have anything assembled, and I’m hemming and hawing on whether I want to keep it or not. I’ve put it up for sale on a couple of places to see if there’s any bites with no luck,  so I’m either going to have to put it on eBay or hang onto it for now. I’ve said before why I don’t play Fantasy, and while that was three years ago, a lot of the concerns still hold today. The armies are just so large model-wise, which makes the cost a bit prohibitive when I have 40K as my main go-to game. Throw in the time to assemble and paint all those models – let alone play with them – and the space required to store them, and it’s just not practical right now. I’d love to give the game a spin, though. I’d even love to play it at lower point levels where my smaller collection would fit in. However, the percentage-based system for army building, especially for Lords and Heroes, seems to make that unworkable. Admittedly, I don’t yet “get” listbuilding for Fantasy, so I don’t see how it works or what I should take at those lower levels (never mind that the percentages make some of the minis I do have, like the IoB Prince on Griffin, unusable at lower levels).

2. Firestorm Armada

My interest in this game has mostly grown from listening to Jaded Gamercast (which helped spur my Fantasy interest as well), and it seems like it’s one of those games that has a relatively low buy-in at first. Fleet starter, rulebook, maybe a deck of cards, and you’re off! Thing is, I’m already dabbling in a few other low-model-count games, like Malifaux, MERCS, and X-Wing, and while I may not have played all of them, I have minis already. More importantly, I know other poeple who play, so I can theoretically get games in sometime. Not so with FSA. On the other hand, if I had a couple of fleets sitting around, maybe I could get something together and teach someone. That, of course, would double my investment in time and money and space. But if my supply of all three were unlimited, then I’d go for it in a heartbeat.

3. Battlefleet Gothic

Take Firestorm Armada, add in my love of 40K, and then add a twist of increasing unavailability. For this one, I’d not just need unlimited time, but rather a time machine (where’s that TARDIS?) to get in at its peak. The good thing, though, is that I know enough 40K players that if I could get my hand on some, I could probably lure people in for a game or three with fleets for their army of choice.

4. Battletech

Now, for this one I’d want a time machine, but not to get the miniatures. I’d want it to go back to my high school days, when I got my first taste of Battletech. I loved it, and I wish I’d held onto what I had, back in the days of the Unseen mechs and cardboard popup figures. I’d then use my time machine to jump to when the 25th Anniversary box came out with the plastic minis, which I missed out on because I had to choose between games I already played actively and one that I might like to dabble in again. If I had all the time and money I needed, though, I’d gladly take this one up again.

5. Infinity

This one just looks interesting, but I already have a near-future skirmish game in MERCS. I also don’t know if I could get many people into it because of the rules complexity. In fact, I’d probably just get this one for the minis if I had the time and space to paint and store them. Oh, and space for all of the terrain that the game requires to work properly (which would do double-duty for Infinity and MERCS).

So… what about you? What games would you play if you had all the time, space, and money you’d ever want?

My New Hobbying Space

So, with the new kid here, we had to convert the home office into a nursery, which left me without much of a place to work on minis apart from the kitchen table or a folding table in the living room. Fortunately, we had a garage with a workbench in it that had mostly been used for storage. We’ve cleaned up the space (and are still working on it; it’s a work in progress), and have officially made it into a “man-cave” of sorts.


I’ve got a magnifying lamp, a pegboard for all my tools, a couple of barstools (it’s large enough for two people to easily work at it) and more than enough space to be working on a whole army at once. I’ve also got shelves underneath for all my various gaming books, so my BRB and codexes are never far away.


And yes, that is a lightsaber on the pegboard.


It’s going to be great for this year, because I’ve got a cabinet full of models (also in the garage) for my Black Templar army this year…


I think all I need is a paint organizer or two, and to straighten up the workbench a bit, and I’ll be set.

Stuck in Time

Apparently Google’s RSS handling service has decided that my post on May 31st, Works in Progress:  Finecast Huron, Tau Display Board, is so fantastic that it’s refusing to see any updates afterwards. Google Reader, and thus any system using it, like Blogger’s blogrolls, haven’t picked up any of my posts since then. Unfortunately, this means that I’m dropping off of blogrolls right around my coverage of DieCon’s GT. I’ve left a message on the Google Reader support forums, validated my RSS feed multiple times, made sure my copy of WordPress was properly installed and up to date, and have been left basically flummoxed as to why it decided to fail at this particular moment.

So, in the hope beyond hope that somehow this article will break the Groundhog-Day-style loop that my blog finds itself in, here’s some links to the articles that you might have missed:

C’mon, Google, you can do it!

Preferred Enemies is On the Air!

For months, I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast. I’ve had a chance to be a guest on UnderDiscussion, a gaming podcast run by my friends WDR and 8one6, but I haven’t recorded my own podcast. Thanks to the guys at UnderDiscussion, though, that’s changed. They officially have a spin-off, and I’m one of the hosts!

Preferred Enemies is the Undergopher network’s Warhammer 40K podcast, and the first episode just went live. I invite you to join my friends Dennis, Richard, Jon, and I as we discuss how we got started with 40K, and our thoughts and recommendations on getting started with the hobby. We’re planning on recording and releasing episodes bi-weekly, so look for new recordings to go up every other Sunday.

Preferred Enemies: Episode 1 – Let’s Get Started

Picking a Summer Convention

I’m working on my summer gaming and travel plans, and I have a chance to go to one convention this summer. There are two that I have to choose from, though, and I’m still undecided. Both have 2000-point two-day tournaments, so there’s no difference there. The big difference between the two is the location and the month.

Right now, my options are Die-Con in Collinsville, IL (just outside of St. Louis) and WAR Games Con in Austin, TX. The former is June 3rd through the 5th, and the latter is July 7th through the 10th. Now, how to choose between the two? Here’s the current breakdown:

  • Distance: Die-Con is just across the state from where I live, so it’s about a 4 hour drive for me. WAR Games Con, on the other hand, is an 8-10 hour drive. Less time in the car and less (increasingly expensive) gas used are definite points in Die-Con’s favor.
  • Cost: Besides the reduced gas costs, a badge for Die-Con with tourney registration is half the cost of registration in the WAR Games Con 40K tournament. I imagine that the hotel room will probably be cheaper in Collinsville as well.
  • Event Focus: WAR Games Con is exclusively focused on miniatures wargaming, so I’ll be more likely to meet people there with similar interests, and to do more networking in the community. Die-Con, on the other hand, is a general gaming convention, so the 40K/wargaming portion is just a fraction of the attendees. I might get more out of WAR Games Con overall.
  • Time: Die-Con is a month earlier than WAR Games Con. That means less time to get the last 250-500 points of my army painted in time. Granted, Die-Con doesn’t require painted minis, but there’s no way I’m traveling to a 2K tournament with any unpainted models. I’ll also need a display board if I’m going to either. On another time aspect, though, Die-Con is a day shorter, which means only taking one day off of work. Paid time off is a scarce commodity, so parting with as little as possible would be good.
  • Going with Friends: My friend Dennis has already expressed interest in going to WAR Games Con, although mostly to play in the team tournament. Still, it’d be nice to have someone go with me. I have a couple of social anxiety issues, so having a familiar face would be really, really good for keeping me sane.  Still, I might be able to get someone to swing heading to Die-Con with me as well (although not Dennis – he has a different convention a week after Die-Con, so he’s already booked).

I’m leaning towards Die-Con at the moment, but I haven’t written off WAR Games Con entirely. Decisions, decisions…