WIP: The Obsidian Knight

When I first saw the Imperial Knight pictures hit the internet, there was one paint scheme I immediately fell in love with – the Obsidian Knight. While it wasn’t as fancy or colorful as some of the other Knight designs, it had a nice, stark feel to it. It didn’t hurt that it also matched the color scheme of my Black Templars, the army I would run it with. Once I had mine assembled and primed, it was the obvious paint scheme to go with. The only downside was that all photos showed it from the front, so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the rear of the walker, but I figured I would cross that bridge when I got to it.

Imagine my happy surprise when I opened up the new Apocalypse Warzone: Damocles book. Not only did it have a separate dataslate entry for the Obsidian Knight, but it also featured a top-down view of the carapace. That was exactly what I needed, and I wasted no time last night painting mine up the same way. I’ve now got all the base colors done, most of the metals done where I want them, and it’s ready for small details. I’m also working on finishing up the tilt shield and the tabard, and then it’ll be time for decals. Fortunately for me, all the decals for it are included in the Knight kit, so it should be something I can finish up next week.

After that, I’ll be finishing up my Honour Guard, and then it’ll be time to get to my Stormraven and Drop Pod. Once those are done, I can turn my attention to my unpainted Chaos Marines.

As a side note, I’m amused that the Obsidian Knight is an anti-Tau unit. I can now put my Templars and Knight against my Tau and forge an appropriate narrative. 🙂