So Beautiful, So Dangerous…

A month without posting. Time has gotten away from me, but I’ve been busy in the meantime. If the picture isn’t obvious (or isn’t visible, depending on how you’re reading this), I picked up one of the new Imperial Knight kits, and I now have it assembled, magnetized, and primed. Out of all the kits I’ve assembled in the past seven years, this has been the best one, without question. The instructions are thorough, the parts are well-crafted and clearly labeled, everything goes together like a charm, and it’s wonderfully adjustable and poseable. True, the legs don’t bend much, but from the hip up it’s very flexible.

Magnetizing the kit was also very, very easy. Someone had already done the work and put together a tutorial, but the work itself is very simple. There’s one piece that requires any drilling, and beyond that it’s pretty much just a matter of gluing magnets onto or into pieces, or onto a piece of sprue that you put into another piece. The way the kit is constructed, I’d swear that Games Workshop designed the kit with magnetization in mind. The arms themselves actually rotate in and off the torso, although with the pauldrons in place they’d be much harder to remove. Regardless, I can switch mine back and forth between a Knight Paladin and a Knight Errant with no problem whatsoever. I look forward to bringing it along with my Black Templars and wrecking a bit of face.

I haven’t ignored my Nurgle Marines, either, because now my Daemon Prince has wings!

nurgle_daemon_prince_wingsThe stinger salvo bits from the Tyrannofex make for a properly insectoid-looking pair of wings. Since this picture was taken, I’ve smoothed the joints with green stuff and primed it, so it’s ready to go as well. Once I finish up the last models from my Black Templars – and my Imperial Knight – my Nurgle Marines will all be ready to be made green and nasty.


  • Von

    Nice set of wings on that. I approve. Much more fitting than the usual “just jam the plastic dragon ones on and hope” approach!