Goodbye Guard, Hello Nurgle

Last night I packed my Imperial Guard purchases into a box, and this morning it was shipped off to Chicago to a lucky buyer. The more I looked at it, the less I wanted to work on it. For the first time, I found a 40K army for which I just have absolutely no passion. There are armies that I don’t play – such as Necrons and Dark Eldar – that I really like and would probably enjoy, and others – like Orcs and Tyranids – that aren’t my first choice, but I could probably have fun with. Imperial Guard, though, just did nothing for me. I like some of the concepts, but they never triggered any ideas in my brain for what I wanted to do with them that I could stick with. So, it’s best to send them somewhere that they’ll make someone happy.

I took the proceeds from that sale, and I turned them into something that I would enjoy. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do with my CSM this year, and in addition to catching up with the things I’ve added, I’ve decided to expand the scope of the army. I’ve been all Slaanesh all the time, and that’s been fun, but running with only one option lacks a bit of depth and flexibility. To fix that, I’ve decided to start splashing in some Nurgle aspects to the army. First off, there’s the obvious – I’ve picked up some Plague Marines and a Nurgle Daemon Prince (who I will probably add wings to, although I’m undecided what style to give him). I’d like to also pick up some of the Forge World Death Guard conversion bits – the 40K plague-y ones, not the 30K not-yet-tainted ones.

Now, a handful of Plague Marines and a DP does not a Nurgle force make (although it’s a good start). Looking through my collection of unbuilt, unprimed, and/or unpainted Chaos models, I’ve found other things that could be turned to Nurgle with little or no work:

  • 20 or so ranged Cultists (primed, just need an appropriately grimy, rusty paintjob on their bits)
  • A Defiler (still unprimed, so I can greenstuff it up)
  • A Rhino (modeled to be possessed, but unprimed, so again, greenstuff can make it even uglier)
  • A Chaos Terminator Lord (unassembled, even!)
  • A Chaos Vindicator (also unassembled, so perfect to add in)

That would give me a nice variety of diseased units to throw into the mix. I might even pick up the Warhammer Fantasy Nurgle Champ model to tweak and make 40K-appropriate, because he’s just that awesome-looking. I’m excited about this project, so I think I’ve made the right choice.